Helpful Group Drive Advice

Below you will find some helpful tips on how to make the most of our group drives:

Before your Arrive:
Two Way Radios We recommend having two way radios on all group drives. We use them help keep the group together and informed in addition to alerting others in the convoy of any potential road hazards such as road debri, bicylist, animals, etc. When looking to purchase a pair of Radios make sure they have subchannels. We typically use Channel 7 Subchannel 21 for most of our drives. HERE is a link to a popular unit.

Gas and Bathroom Breaks

We recommend arriving to the start location about 15 minutes before the departure time and will a full tank of gas. While we try to plan for a bathroom stop on any long drives, we recommend using the facilities before we start the drive.


During the Drive
Spacing Between MINIs We try to keep the spacing small enough to prevent non-MINIs from getting in the convoy, but larger enough to be safe. Just be mindful of the MINI in front and behind you
Stay in your lane Never drive beyond your limits and comfort zone. Since most of our local drives include twisty moutain roads it is imperative that we all stay in our lane and do not cross the yellow or white lines. You never know what is coming around that corner.
Driving Lights Please keeps your lights on while driving in the convoy.